The Corporate Body

by Drug Life

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    releases November 4, 2019

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They Should Be Afraid
Paint The Rooms
The Corporate Body


The debut album by Austin-based noise rock three-piece Drug Life, recorded in 2018 and '19.


releases November 4, 2019

Gordon Moakes : Bass/Vox
Joey Cortez : Guitar
Terry Irwin : Drums

Recorded by Ryan Rooney at Big Orange, Austin, TX and at home
Mixed by Kevin Butler at Test Tube Audio, Austin, TX, 2018-19


all rights reserved



Drug Life Austin, Texas

Noise/Rock from Austin Texas:
Cortez, Joel / Irwin, Terry / Moakes, Gordon

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Track Name: Upmanship Down

My ambition: lead a generation
Out into the dark
Walk them to the abyss
And shove them in the back

There’s a coven at the game
Pass-the-parcel played back-to-front
The winner comes up empty-handed

Under the padre sunshine
Wet with the promise
Of ideas

The only way to go
The only way that’s left
Upmanship down

I forgot about the powerlessness
I create around me
Glowing inert gases, pixelation

Zip-jacketed, a spirit skin
There’s wisdom sewn into its pockets
It costs more than you’ll make in four years

I’ve read the penal code, I’ve seen it
A guarantee of amnesty
In twelve-oh-two-two

Renounce everything
Track Name: Paper Tie

This mist of sisters
Heart to heart
Arm to arm
Dream to dream
They don’t belong to you yet

This sanctimony as an art
Blossoms up to make you good
We’ll live idealised

Who am I to come between the myth and what you are?
Who am I to contradict the proof if there’s no scar?

From the cradle they’re awaiting
The moment they can’t teach you any more
In her home she’s been postponing
The things they don’t believe a girl should be

But they can’t see what she can see
They’ll never be what she can be

Power the cowards, it makes them doubt you
The need to have freed you, that’s where they keep you
Once you reach through they’ll snatch it from you
Condemned to contend, they don’t need the consent

Just because we relinquished an idea
Doesn’t mean we don’t resent it
Shared future

The paper tie pretending to empower
Doesn’t take you off the payroll
Doesn’t take you off the backseat

Culture over choices
They stoop to entitle you
They stoop to entitle
Your culture over choices
They stoop to entitle you

Positive / selective
Normalising behaviour
Track Name: Guillotine

One time to be seen
One style by decree
That was the mistake

One time on the guillotine
One year in the military
That was the mistake

Brush up on your curtsy
You can live on in conspiracy

For sale is the fairytale
Of a state long dead
Your shame coronates the lame
To the royal bed

One crown impossible
Gold-drilled to the follicles
Ordains the mistake
Every blood-clogged clarion failure
Won’t shield the mistake

Brush up on your curtsy
You can live on in complicity

Empty aisles stretching miles
Either side as you glide
To the sparkling coup
Every right to decide
Bloody tatters, dragged behind
While the gutters fill with glue

The new kleptocracy is here
Kneel down and rest your neck
It’s all the same to me
‘Cos either way I cash the cheque

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